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WM and EWM


Become an expert SAP Material Management, Inventory Management and Extended Warehouse Management and embrace world class opportunities as an SAP consultant. 


  • Introduction to SDLC
  • Introduction to ERP
  • Introduction to SAP
  • ASAP Methodology
  • Procurement Process

Level 2 : Basic Settings

  • Global Settings
  • Company code for Material Management
  • Plant Parameters
  • Purchase organization
  • Plant
  • Assign Plant to Purchase Organization
  • Storage Location
  • Purchase Group
  • Material Group

Level 3 : Master Data

  • Material Master
  • Vendor Master
  • Purchasing Info Record
  • Source List

Level 4 : Procurement of Stock and Consumable Material

  • Request for Quotation Management
  • Purchase requisition Creation
  • Purchase Order Creation
  • Contracts
  • Scheduling Agreements
  • Blanket Purchase Order

Level 5 : Inventory Management & Configuration

  • Goods Receipts
  • Reservations and Goods Issue
  • Stock Transfers
  • Transfer Posting
  • Special Inventory Management Features
  • Stock Transport Order


  • Master Data
  • Purchasing Documents
  • Inventory Management
  • Enterprise Structure

Level 6 : Special Process, Physical Inventory, Integration and Other Topics

Special Processes

  • Consignment
  • Subcontracting
  • Service Procurement

Physical Inventory

  • Physical Inventory Management
  • Cycle Counting
  • Inventory Sampling

Other Topics 

  • Message Output Determination
  • Pricing Procedure
  •  MRP
  • Release Strategies
  • Batch Management


  • MM-FI Integration
  • MM-SD Integration

SAP WM Training


  • Overview of SAP WM

Deep Dive into SAP WM Warehouse Management Topics

  • WM Structural Elements
  • nterface between IM and WM
  • Material Master Influence in WM
  • Warehouse Process
  • Picking and Putaway Strategies
  • Inbound and Outbound Process in WM
  • Transfer Request and Transfer Order
  • WM Customization
  • Stock Placement and Removal Control
  • Batch Determinations
  • WM Driven Operations
  • WM Movement Types
  • Physical Inventory
  • Posting Changes
  • Capacity Check Control
  • WM-PP-QM-SD Integration

SAP EWM Training

  1. The Extended Warehouse Management System
    1. Environment
    2. Extended Warehouse Management Environment
  2. Integration
    1. Basic ERP and EWM Integration
    2. Delivery Document Integration
  3. Structural Elements and Master Data
    1. EWM Structural Elements
    2. APO Core Interface
    3. EWM Master Data
  4. Warehouse Process Types
  5. Goods Receipt
    1. Goods Receipt Process Overview
    2. Availability Groups for Inventory Management
    3. Direct Put away Configuration
    4. Put away Rules and Strategies
    5. Capacity Checking
  6. Goods Issue
    1. Stock Removal Strategies
    2. Pick Denial/Handling Differences in Picking
    3. Batch Management
  7. Storage Control
    1. Storage Control Concepts
    2. Process-oriented Storage Control
    3. Layout-oriented Storage Control
  8. Warehouse Order Creation
  9. Posting Changes, Stock Transfers and
    1. Replenishment
    2. Posting Changes and Stock Transfers
    3. Ad Hoc Movements and Replenishment
  10. Physical Inventory
    1. The Physical Inventory Process
    2. EWM Physical Inventory Procedures
  11. Slotting and Rearrangement
  12. Post Processing Framework (PPF)
    1. Overview of Post Processing Framework (PPF
    2. PPF in Delivery Processing
  13. Labor Management
    1. Overview, Activation and Master Data
    2. Basic Process Configuration
    3. Engineered Labor Standards
    4. Indirect Labor Tasks

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