Full Stack Development with Node.js, Loopback & Angular/React

Build modern and scalable full-stack applications using MEAN or MERN Stack along with advanced rest API development and application development using loopback and strong loop. 

Level 1 : Introduction and Basic JS


  • Introduction to SDLC
  • Overview of Agile Process and Understanding of Scrum methodology.
  • Introduction to MEAN and MERN Stack and their differences.

OOPS in JavaScript

  • Basics of OOPS in JavaScript
  • What is the difference between traditional JavaScript and JavaScript with OOPS

Level 2 : Version Control Systems - GIT Focused

  • Overview of Version Control Systems and the varieties of version control systems.
  • Introduction and overview of GIT
  • Hands on GIT with GitHub and GitLab.
  • Essentials of GIT in industry
  • How to setup GIT
    • Installing Git
    • First-Time Git Setup
    • Getting a Git Repository
  • Working with various commands in GIT
  • Recording Changes to the Repository
    • How to check the Status of Your Files
    • How to track New Files
    • Staging our modified files
    • Ignoring Files from GIT
    • Viewing Your Unstaged and Staged Changes
    • How to commit Your Changes
    • Skipping the Staging Area and commit
    • Removing Files from GIT
  •  Viewing the Commit History
    •  Limiting Log Output
    • Using a GUI to Visualize History
  • Undoing Things
    • Changing Your Last Commit
    • Unstaging a Staged File
    • Unmodifying a Modified File
  • Working with Remotes
    • Showing Your Remotes
    • Adding Remote Repositories
    • Fetching and Pulling from Your Remotes
    • Pushing to Your Remotes
    • Inspecting a Remote
    • Removing and Renaming Remotes
  • Branching and Merging in Git
    • What a Branch Is
    • Basic in Branching and Merging
    • Branch Management in GIT
    • Branching Workflows and its usage
    • Remote Branches – create and delete
    • Rebasing
  • Git workflows
  • Git cheat sheet

Level 3 : AWS Leading to AWS Certified Developer Associate

We introduce you to AWS and will give you overview and Hands-on exercises on all AWS products starting with IAM, EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, EBS moving to Route 53, RDS, Elastic Cache, VPC, Amazon S3. 

We also take a deep dive into CICD using AWS CodeCommit, CodePipeline, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy

We will also go into details of AWS CLI, SDK, Cloud Formation, Monitoring and Audit using CloudWatch, X-Ray and Cloud Trail. 

A good understanding of Serverless application development using Lambda, DynamoDB, APIGateway, and Cognito will also be provided. 

Level 4 : Jenkins Continuous Integration

We start with an overview of Continuous Integration and overview of Jenkins and its architecture. 

We will discuss and learn Jenkins Authentication, Authorization, Maven, Creating Jobs and Automatic Builds and building Jenkins pipelines for continuous building and deployments. 

Level 5 : Node.js and Express

  • What is Node.js
  • Complete Programming in NodeJs
  • NPM Setup and Discovery of Node.Js
  • Using GIT with Node.Js
  • Setup Express
  • DeepDive into NPM
  • Routing with Express
  • Build a simple Node Web App and Expose API’s with Express
  • Injection dependency
  • Begin with EJS and putting EJS to work
  • Using routers

Level 6 : Mongo DB and other NoSQL Databases

  • Overview of MongoDB
  • Difference between Document based databases and relational databases
  • Getting MongoDB setup and installed.
  • CRUD operations on MongoDB
  • Writing code to perform CRUD Operations in MongoDB
  • Using Mongo Shell
  • Indexing in MongoDB
  • Aggregation framework
  • Pipeline Stages and Operators
  • What are replica sets
  • What is sharding and its rules.
  • Build a simple WebApp with Node + Express and Mongo DB

Loopbak and Strongloop

  • Loopback and Strongloop architecture
  • Getting started and Setup
  • Understanding API Explorer
  • Setting up Loopback and building a simple REST API framework
  • Debugging a lOopback application
  • Datasources in Loopback
    • How to connect Mongo, or relational databased
    • How to connect multiple data sources
    • How to integrate with AWS RDS and other sources
  • Models in Loopback
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Custom remote methods in Loopback

UI Development: Overview of HTML, CSS, Ajax, JS and jQuery

UI Development/Front End Development

You have an option to choose between ReactJS or AngularJS as a choice for your front end development. But as a minimum requirement, we will give you overview of both ReactJS and AngularJS and how to build full stack applications using ReactJS or AngularJS with Java.


UI Development: HTML, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript and JQuery

In this section, we will refresh the basics on HTML, CSS< Javascript, Ajay, and jQuery related frameworks. We will also talk about famous frameworks like bootstrap and discuss in detail cross-browser functionality, building responsive UI, making Ajax calls, and the importance of Javascript and client-side scripting using JS.

UI Development with Angular

  1. Quick Overview of Modern JavaScript, TypeScript and Angular
  2. Setting up Visual Studio Code and Importing Angular App.
  3. Exploring Angular CLI commands and exploring CLI project structure.
  4. Introduction to Angular Components – AppComponent
  5. Event Binding and Data Binding
  6. Implementing Routes.
  7. Adding Bootstrap frameworks, CSS components and Best practices.
  8. Using Session Storage and Securing components.
  9. Authentication Service, Dependency Injection and Routes.
  10. Connecting Angular Frontend with RESTful API and CRUD Operations.
  11. Implementing Authentication with Spring boot and Spring Security.

UI Development with React

  1. Creating First React Application : Hello React
  2. Introduction to React Components
  3. Introduction to Function Components
  4. Events
  5. States
  6. Routing
  7. Integrating React Front End to Spring Boot Services
  8. Session Maintenance, Authentication and Security in React.

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