Java Full Stack Development

Become a Java Full Stack Developer and build enterprise-scale web applications using Java-based Spring and Spring Boot frameworks using ReactJS or AngularJS. 

Level 1 : Introduction to Programming

This is a refresher course to re-introduce programming. We teach all basics of programming and talk about execution, compiling, variables, data types, functions, arrays and extensively cover Algorithms and Data Structures that are very critical for technical interviews. 

We also go over the Software Development Lifecycle, Agile Process and Scrum Methodology and introduce you to JIRA which you will use every day throughout your course. 

Level 2 : OOPS and Introduction to Java

Introduce OOPS and extensively cover all 4 OOP concepts. Introduce Java Programming Language, its setup, Compiling, Execution, JDK vs HRE vs JVM, Programming basics, String and String Manipulations, Arrays, Array Lists, Functions, Packages, multi-threading, Basics of Socket and IO programming and Exception Handling in Java. 

We also introduce you to GIT which you will be using throughout the course. 

Level 3 : Advanced Java Programming

We will introduce and extensively work on Collections Framework, Generics, Lambda functions, File Handling and work on Databases and SQL. We will setup MySQL server, create a database, create tables and work on Insert, Select, Update and Delete queries and learn more about triggers, stored procedures and DB permissions. 

We will learn how to use JDBC to connect your Java code to MySQL Server and perform CRUD operations. We will also learn more about XML and JSON and work on creating and parsing XML and JSON Objects. 

Level 4 : JEE - Intro to Server and Web Development

We will extensively work on building Server-side and web applications using Java and learn how to build, compile and run web applications on web servers like Tomcat or JBoss. We will work on JSP’s and Servlets and understand Servlet Life Cycle, Java Beans and perform CRUD operations using JSP and Servlets. 

We will get introduced to Hibernate and work on Hibernate Query Language and the integration of Hibernate with JSP Servlets. 

Finally, we will learn about Spring Framework and working with Spring components like Dependency Injection and Auto Wiring. 

Level 5 : Spring MVC, Design Patterns, Restful API and Spring Boot

In this level, we will learn advanced concepts of Spring Framework like AOP, Transaction Management Operations, Commit and Rollback operations and all Spring Design Patterns like DAO, DTO, and MVC. 

We will learn about Restful API’s and understand how to expose and consume Restful API’s. 

We will do a deep dive on Monolithic vs SOA vs Microservice architectures and understand the pros ad cons of each architecture before we do a deep dive into Spring Boot. 

We will get started with Spring Boot and build Restful Webservices using SPring boot and build microservices using Springboot. 

Level 6 : Front End Development using ReactJS or AngularJS.

You have an option to choose between ReactJS or AngularJS as your choice of Front end development. But as a minimum requirement, we will give you an overview of both react and Angular and how to build full-stack applications using React and AngularJS. 

Using AngularJS: We cover Modern JavaScript and Typescript and will work on Angular CLI Commands, components, event, and data binding, implementing routes and adding bootstrap and other CSS frameworks. 

Using ReactJS: We will get introduced to React Components, Events, States, Routing and integrating ReactJS front end with Spring boot services. We will also talk about Session maintenance, authentication, and security using React. 

Other Topics

We will also extensively cover the following topics to ensure you are working on the latest technologies and be ready to face technical interviews and real-world projects

AWS for Full Stack Developers: We talk about creating VM’s on EC2, creating storage buckets on S3, integrating with SES, Cognito, EDS and deploying applications on EBS. We will also talk about AWS Lambda and other AWS products while working on real-world projects. 

Kubernates and Docker for Full Stack Developers: We will introduce to the most wonderful concept of Containers and how FS developers can leverage kubernates or docker to deploy microservices with ease. 

JUnit and Test Automation: We will also learn about testing our own applications using frameworks like JUnit and tools like Postman, JMeter and others. 

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