DevOps with AWS, Docker, Ansible & Kubernetes

Become an expert in the principles of CI/CD, Automation of CM, inter-team collaboration and IT service agility, using DevOps and tools like GIT, Docker, Jenkins, Cucumber, Ansible, TeamCity, Nagios and Kubernetes. 

Level 1 : Introduction to DevOps and Linux

In this module we introduce you to SDLS, Agile Process and Understanding of Scrum methodology. We also learn basics of Linux, file system architecture, file commands, disk and process commands, FTP/Apache/MySQL and installation/removal and upgrading of packages. 

We also get introduced to DevOps principles and the various DevOps tools and market trends. 

Level 2 : Version Control Systems - GIT Focused

We start with an overview of Version control systems and take a deep dive into GIT and work hands-on on GitHub and GitLab starting with GIT Setup, repositories, forking, CLI, Branching and the entire Git Workflow. 

Level 3 : AWS Leading to AWS Certified Developer Associate

We introduce you to AWS and will give you overview and Hands-on exercises on all AWS products starting with IAM, EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, EBS moving to Route 53, RDS, Elastic Cache, VPC, Amazon S3. 

We also take a deep dive into CICD using AWS CodeCommit, CodePipeline, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy

We will also go into details of AWS CLI, SDK, Cloud Formation, Monitoring and Audit using CloudWatch, X-Ray and Cloud Trail. 

A good understanding of Serverless application development using Lambda, DynamoDB, APIGateway, and Cognito will also be provided. 

Level 4 : Jenkins Continuous Integration

We start with an overview of Continuous Integration and overview of Jenkins and its architecture. 

We will discuss and learn Jenkins Authentication, Authorization, Maven, Creating Jobs and Automatic Builds and building Jenkins pipelines for continuous building and deployments. 

Level 5 : Docker - A Containerization Technology

Introduction to Docker and containerization technology, working with containers, introduction to Docker Networking, creating docker containers, pushing into docker repository, working with Microservices in Docker and Docker Swarm. 

Level 6 : Ansible - Configuration Management

Introduction to Ansible, Inventory, Adhoc commands, YAML Scripting, Playbooks, Roles, Including and Importing, writing playbooks, creating ansible roles and importing roles using ansible-galaxy. 

Monitoring Cloud

We introduce Nagios, Nagios Host, Service Config and Monitoring remote server using NRPE along with Nagios Automation. 

Automation Via Teraform in AWS

Installation and building using Teraform, Configuration, Initialization, Applying changes and destroying. 

Scripting via Bash and Python

Linux and Bash Basics and learning Python programming language for Scripting. 

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