Workday HCM: Technical & Functional

Explore exciting career options as a seasoned Workday consultant with our uniquely designed Handson Training program in Workday covering basic functional concepts and advanced technical topics. 

Workday Functional

Introduction to Workday

  • Overview of HCM
  • Introduction to Workday, Workday Framework and Workday tools.

Core Concepts and Navigation

  • Core Concepts
  • Business Objects
  • Navigation in Workday
  • Tenant Setup
  • Reports: Search, Navigate and Execute.

Organizations in Workday

  • Organizations and Supervisory Organizations
  • Locations in Workday
  • Company and Hierarchy
  • Cost Center and Cost Center Hierarchy
  • Regions
  • Matrix and Retiree Organizations.

Staffing Models, Jobs and Positions

  • Introduction to Staffing Models in Workday
  • Position Management
  • Job Management
  • Job Profiles
  • Differentiating Job Profiles, Job families and Job Family Groups.
  • Managing Filled and Unfilled Positions and Jobs

 Compensation and Hiring

  • Introduction to Compensation Eligibility
  • Compensation Grades and Grade Profiles
  • Compensation Element and Compensation Packages
  • Hiring Process
  • Hiring and Supervisory Organizations
  • Hiring a worker into a position management organization
  • Hiring a worked in a Job Management Organization.
  • Creating Compensation Packages, Plans and assigning compensation rules.
  • Compensation Reports and Total Compensation Report.

Security in Workday

  • Overview of Security in Workday
  • User Based Security Groups (UBSG)
  • Role Based Security Groups (RBSG)
  • Business Process Security.
  • Security Reports, Modifying Domain Security Policy, Business process security policy

Business Process and Configurations

  • Business Process Framework
  • Configurable Business Process Framework
  • Rule based Business Processes
  • Designing and Deploying Business Processes.

Additional Staffing Transactions

  • Contracting Contingent Workers (Contracting and Converting)
  • Staffing Movements
  • Switching primary jobs
  • Termination
  • Staffing Reports.

Event Management

  • Events in Workday
  • Task Assignments, Reassignments and Request Reassignments
  • Cancel, Correct, Rescind Business Process
  • Changes to Supervisory organizations.

Workday Self Service

  • Employee Self Service
  • Employee onboarding
  • Manager Self Service.

Report Writer, Custom Fields and Trends

  • Overview of Report Writer
  • Creating and managing custom fields
  • Worker trending reports 

Workday Technical

Integrations and High Volume Events

  • Workday Web Services API
  • Workday Integration tools
  • Integration Cloud Platform
  • Custom Integrations
  • High Volume Events

 Workday Calculated and Custom Fields

  • Overview of Custom and Calculated fields
  • System-Wide vs Report Specific Calculated fields.
  • Global Calculated fields
  • Available functions to create a calculated field.
  • Functions to access business objects
  • Performance Considerations

Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB)

  • Overview of EIB
  • EIB Design Patterns and Limitations
  • Workday public web services
  • Workday reports as a service
  • Developing an inbound and outbound EIB
  • Custom report transformation
  • EIB features
  • Loading custom transactional data into workday using EIB

Core Connectors

  • Overview of Integration Architecture
  • Cloud Connect and System templates
  • Core Connector: Worker
  • Integration Services in Core Connector
  • Change the deduction procedure in core connectors.
  • Document transformation integration XSLT formatting using XTT and ETV

PICOF : Payroll Interface Common Output File

  • Overview of PICOF
  • PICOF Design Patterns and Limitations
  • PICOF Features.

Workday Studio

  • Overview of Workday Studio
  • Installation and Navigation of Workday Studio
  • Studio runtime architecture
  • Workday studio assemblies components
  • Basic Flor of control between Assembly components
  • Basics of Web Services, CSLT, and MVEL in Workday Studio
  • Building integrations using assembly editor
  • Report Designer


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