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The Disruptive Power of Data is changing the way businesses operate and take decisions. CodeForce uniquely designed a medley of key topics from Data Analysis, Data Science, Data Engineering and Business Intelligence to launch your career in the world of data. 

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CodeForce is a data-first company. 

Data science is an exciting discipline that allows you to turn raw data into understanding, insight, and knowledge. The course on Data Science is divided into 5 core modules which will bring the students up to speed with the latest developments in the industry and help them break into the sector. This course is designed to help beginners get an understanding of what data science is, intermediate to enhance their core skills, and advanced to implement complex data pipelines.

The course is structured to be a very fast-paced deep dive into all the relevant practical topics in the Data Science sector. There will be classroom teaching followed by assignments and projects that the students will be expected to go through. Each class will start with a discussion on the pre-class readings, will cover several theoretical concepts during the lecture along with code implementations of all the concepts, and will be followed by extensive assignments that the students are expected to submit before the start of the next class. The list of references, textbooks, and other materials will be provided to the students for each class.

Our Data Practise

CodeForce specializes in identifying, recruiting and deploying experienced and qualified consultants with highly specialized industry and technical expertise. As more and more organizations are investing to turn data into focused solutions, the need for engineers with expertise in Mining, Integrating, Managing, Securing, Analyzing Enterprise Data at a Massive scale is on rise.

CodeForce is at the forefront of Data Engineering and has heavily invested in building a Competency Unit exclusively for Data Science, Analytics, and Big Data. Dedicated recruiters and Technology experts are constantly sourcing experienced candidates for our customers across North America.

Introduction to Data Analytics

Applied Statistics

Exploration and Data Visualization

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

BigData using Spark


Let CodeForce help you launch a successful career as a Data Analyst and Data Scientist. 

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