Big things have small beginnings…

At least that’s what we thought, back in 2010, when we started CodeForce 360 in Ypsilanti, Michigan as a three-man team. With limited resources and methods of procedure which was definitive of a start-up, our operations were carried out in just three key areas: SAP HR, BW, and MM.

With laser-esque focus, sheer tenacity, and determination stemming from our professional experiences, we took things up a notch by delivering with a technical proficiency which was unlike that of a start-up firm.

This helped us land a deal with our first partnership with a Fortune 500 Global system integrator, in 2011. Over the next few years, our size, scope, and income increased by the year. Our timeline of rapid progress is a tale in itself.

  • 2012: With a phenomenal spell at global system integrator, we expanded our HQ to Atlanta, Georgia and were no longer restricted to just three key areas. Any and almost every technology which was selling like a hotdog was a weapon in our arsenal, revved up and ready for a prospective client’s taking.
  • 2013: The Company begins to grow further at a staggering rate, registering 350+ consultants and 50+ sub-contractors in some of the most popular technologies in the IT realm. This earned us a spot in Forbes magazine’s America’s Most Promising Companies list for the year.
  • 2014: The success in 2013 was followed by our partnership with more Fortune 500 clients with whom we share an impeccable partnership.
  • 2015: We successfully spread across the United States leveraging the advantages associated with deep networks (established by our team) to fetch local talent.
  • 2016: Our offshore team picks up right from our run of success in the United States. Our team achieves exponentially increased sales with many of our major clients. In the same year, we were listed in Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies and SIA’s Fastest Growing US Staffing Firms lists.
  • 2017: CodeForce 360, backed by its clinical run in the past 6 years, finally takes that giant leap into the healthcare industry and is currently one of the most promising companies blipping the radars of the most sought-after clients. This along with the following list of achievements was simply the icing on the cake:

SIA (2017) - Fastest Growing US Staffing Firms

USPAACC (2017) - Fast 100 Asian Business 2017

NMSDC - Georgia State Minority certified

Our annual income as of 2011 was $0.79 million. In the year 2015, we have recorded an income of $19.2 million and at the end of 2016; we have recorded an income of $31 million. All of this, along with our eventful timeline is a testament of our drive to exceed expectations, outrun our competition with a technical ferocity rarely seen, and our passion to deliver nothing but the best to our clients.

On the 10th of August, team CodeForce 360 will be celebrating its 7th year anniversary. It’s been a great pleasure to serve our clients. The stakes are high in the years to come and the journey has just begun.